No Miles High Club: for people who don't fly

What the press say about us

"Campaigners, who want to provide an incentive to live ethically"

"A PIONEERING green initiative"

"We fail to realise the huge impact that the aviation industry is having."

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Concerned about carbon?
Join the new class for grounded greens

Did you fly last year? Would you consider giving up flying?

If you care about your carbon footprint enough to give up flying altogether, this is the club for you! All you have to do is sign a declaration, which is a contract pledging not to fly for a year to combat global warming. Get together with like-minded people. A lot of us think 'everyone else is taking flights all over the world, why shouldn't I?' It helps when you realise you're not alone.

Membership benefits include:

Air travel would account for 60 per cent of the UK's CO2 output by 2030 if allowed to continue growing at the present rate.

According to the Green Ration Book a return flight to New York from old York is 1504 days of your total travel budget for CO2.

Make a difference in 2009 - give up the carbon!

We're always keen to hear from other companies who'd like to support No Miles High Club and offer our members something.

Remember: Flights and sneezes spread diseases

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